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WE ARE ONE | 07:51 | 51,816

Descrição: LEGENDARY MASTARS Alpha Blondy is the stage name of Seydou Koné, a reggae singer (Born January 1, 1953 in the Costa do Marfim). It is...


Marvin Mulenga | 07:19 | 14,912,968

JERUSALEM LYRICS Barouh atat adonai (barouh atat adonai) Barouh aba yeroushalaim (barouh aba yeroushalaim) From the bible to the coran Revelation...

Alpha Blondy Jerusalem

Silas F | 06:29 | 2,047,680

Barouh ata Adonaï Barouh aba Yeroushalaïm From the Bible to the Coran Revelation in Jerusalem Shalom, salamalekoum You can see christians,...

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